A pluralist simulator

An interactive model simulator for macroeconomics
  • We are developing an interactive online textbook with an integrated model simulator for macroeconomics.

  • Competing economic theories and their economic policy recommendations are presented in a controversial way.

  • The assignment of different theoretical and economic policy concepts to different theoretical schools provides an overview of competing macroeconomic paradigms.

Understanding macroeconomic models actively
  • Students can take on the role of economic policy: they decide on monetary, fiscal and wage policy.

  • In different model worlds their decisions have different effects.

  • The theoretical basics are explained step by step in the accompanying online text.

  • Starting with simple macroeconomic models, which are gradually extended, students can understand the theoretical foundations of economic policy discussions.

German version to be published in summer 2019!

Would you like to receive a message when the textbook and the simulator are published? Please write an email with the subject “simulator” to alessandro.bramucci@hwr-berlin.de

Project partners

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